Monday, August 4, 2008

eMagazine for English Teacher Training

Phil Dexter, who is an active participant at English Teachers' Forum meetings, sent in a link to share: Humanising Language Teaching, an eMagazine for English Teacher Training.

This month's issue contains a range of major articles as well as some informative short articles, jokes, and lesson plans and other useful information:

Major Articles
  1. Working with a Modified Sound / Color Chart
    Donald E. Cherry, US/Japan
  2. Laughter Yoga in English Language Teaching
    Danny Singh, UK
  3. Exploiting DVDs’ Extra Features: an Added Bonus in the EFL Class
    María Palmira Massi and Bettiana Andrea Blázquez, Argentina
  4. Extensive Reading Programme in Japan: ‘Just studying English is boring... but reading is nice’
    Ian M. Robinson, Japan
  5. Art and Artistry in ELT
    Alan Maley, UK
Short Articles

  1. Language Learning Strategies
    Carmen Gloria Garrido Barra, Chile
  2. Notes to the Theme of “Building a Community of Learners”
    Robert McNeer, Italy
  3. The Roots of Improvisation
    Ken Wilson, UK
  4. A New Type of Vocabulary Test for Early Language Learning – with a Child and Teacher Friendly Design
    Peter Edelenbos and Angelika Kubanek, Germany
  5. Humanising your Staff Room
    Lindsay Clandfield and Duncan Foord, Spain
  6. Literature on Language 3: Pronunciation
    Jonathan Marks, Poland
  7. Teacher-training in the Dark: Ignorant Westerner Works with Top Quality EFL Teachers from China
    Mario Rinvolucri, UK and Simon Greenall, UK/China
  8. The Heart of the Matter: Native Speaker Teachers of English and Non-Native Speaker Teachers of English
    Lou Spaventa, US
  9. Off the Beaten Path: Memory Techniques
    Hall Houston, Hong Kong
Please visit the website for further details: Humanising Language Teaching Magazine

Thank You Phil!


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