Thursday, May 1, 2008

Highlights from April's Forum

We thank Jawabi for hosting April's forum.

Our gracious hosts offered a huge buffet so that we could get acquainted over and then we proceeded on to the meeting.

The topic of discussion was:

" Do we teach what we test or do we test what we teach?"

Slips were given out for guidance to the grouped teachers. The discussion became quite intense but was always well controlled and monitored, nevertheless.

Also discussed was the need to standardise tests locally in Libyan language centres. We came to a conclusion that we test what we teach.
Again we thank Jawabi for hosting us and presenting a very successful workshop!


Anonymous said...

Do u teach the language or the toungue, do u know the difference?
The ontology of the language is (صقع عليكم)
The Greqt Leviathan!

Anonymous said...

هزلت حتى بان من هزالها كلاها
وحتى سامها كل مفلس